by Laika lost in Space

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released April 26, 2014

Produced by Benjamin Schäfer and Laika Lost In Space / All music written and performed by Laika Lost In Space / Recorded and mixed by Benjamin Schäfer at Krauts Kitchen Studio and Studio Roy / Mastered by Lee Fletcher (for Unsung Productions) in UK / Additional vocals by Filou, Berlin Boom Orchestra (Track 08) and Anté, Djevara (Track 02) / Additional guitar by Dirk Berger (Track 01) / Layout and artwork by Farina Fröde / Logo by Agathe Bouliere / Special thanks to Sebastian Böhnisch, GUITARDOC Lutz Heidlindemann, Jonas Roof, Roy Knauf, The Krauts, Steffen Gleisenberg, Tobias Justus Trißl, Miffi, Laika Artworks and everyone who has supported us in the last few years!



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Laika lost in Space Berlin, Germany


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Track Name: Wise guy
I don't want to be some nor anywhere but there / right in the middle of the crowd that surrounds you / you seem to succeed in more than I ever failed on / I don't care enough to buy your book / no place for me / just space for you / no time for decisions / take a white blank page / take a pen in my hand and draw what I like / but I am just the wise guy / it's not easy when everything is said and done to put new stuff on it / no place to image / no place to act / no time to create / knowledge and wisdom are drowning in memories of failing on more than others will ever succeed in
Track Name: Feed the Wolves
These stories are simple / mostly the same / and I don’t care if somebody cares about mine / I can leave this world / without becoming a legend / with my picture in history books / my name on magazines or paintings / and my words whispered and screamed / by generations to be / don’t cry for me and save your tears / I will be forgotten / as the sands of time are blown away / after all these years / in this so called modern world / I sit down and make a list / of all the things that made me proud / of all the things that made me happy / of all the things I needed / of all the things I loved / and when the sun sets / I realize that I´ve got nothing to write down / and I’ll go back into the woods / where I’ll feed the wolfes and scare the lions / where I’ll wait for you / staring at trees / till they blink first / again…
Track Name: Emoticons killed Irony
I killed them all one by one in your name / ruining it for everybody, embodiment of darkness / relinquisher of thoughts, abolished and erased / the sharpest fangs pulled the swiftest claws dulled / I grease my chin with meaning / the fairest in all the lands profaned, true love turned to simple lust / stupid jokes, empty phrases life degraded as it must / the deepest thoughts the beauty of life itself / plunged into the void / I vomit a banana peel onto the stage of life / to watch the pratfall of truth / this is just the beginning / as I regard with glee the uprising of an age of emptiness / the silent upheaval of the lowest common dominator / the futile resistance of vision, the last stand of notion at it´s keep at semantic´s end / the brutal slaughter of poets and the burning of all books / I preside over the empire of oblivion / the kingdom of ineptitude the knighthood of imbecility / I look in the mirror sporting a sonic grin / and ask myself what´s all about / I bow my head to the side and smile / and now I understand, I fuckin´ understand / you feel their gaze upon your alabaster skin / still a mould roots deep within as it surfaces it´s all too late / you realize you are forfeit / yet you feel no hate / no anything at any rate / in numbness you accept your fate / worship the square sun let the deaf masses sing her a silent song / let´s not discuss / let us chat / let´s not love / let´s socialise / let´s not discourse / let us fight.